Charlie’s career began as a news broadcasting coordinator at Canal Uno, in Ecuador. After then being recruited by the sports production team, Charlie worked in partnership with Fox Sports (Argentina) and Caracol TV (Colombia) to produce transmissions of high-profile sporting events, such as the FIFA World Cup Qualifying, the Copa America, the Copa Libertadores, the ATP Challenger, and the Davis Cup. Charlie left the world of sports and joined the Endemol Andino team, to become one of the producers of Big Brother Pacific, which aired in Ecuador, Chile and Peru. Following this, Charlie produced TV commercials for several multinational corporations.

Charlie moved to Toronto in 2009 in order to gain access to global opportunities that would facilitate the dissemination of their ambitious vision: the belief that film and television can help people come to a better understanding of each other; of our shared and separate histories, of the state of the world, and of what needs to change in it.

Charlie is an alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre’s Cineplex Entertainment Producers Lab. Short film credits as a Producer include THE WHALE, HAILSTORM, and YOUR MOTHER AND I; an adaption of Dave Eggers’ eponymous story, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2016 and was nominated for Best Short Film by the London Critics' Circle 2018. In 2017 Charlie completed four new short films; THE THINGS YOU THINK I’M THINKING, MINE IS YOURS, SPARTA NORTH, and Charlie’s directorial debut BATHROOM RULES, whichexplores how the lack of gender neutral bathrooms impacts students’ academic performance, safety and, mental and physical health.

Charliewas on the Jury at LesGaiCineMad, Madrid International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 2016, and currently programs for Toronto’s Inside Out LGBT Film Festival.



Deeply committed eco-terrorist, Hailey, is the leader of a radical group dedicated to bombing the meat-packing factory responsible for an E. coli outbreak that killed her daughter. As the group prepares for the bombing, Hailey is distracted by a predicament: she’s pregnant.

  • Starring Melissa Hood, Matthew G. Brown, Matt Murray, Rebecca Applebaum & Leah Doz
  • Directed by John Virtue
  • Produced by Charlie Hidalgo & Sebastian Barriuso
  • Written by John Virtue & Lindsay Gossling
  • Edited by Jane MacRae
  • Cinematography byJackson Parrell
  • Production Design by Helen Kotsonis
  • Score by Joseph Murray, Lodewijk Vos & Matthew O’Halloran
  • ·····


THE WHALE (13:30)

Successful stockbroker, Kyle McWhirther, is used to getting his way. After losing a major client, Kyle becomes fixated on trying to close the deal. Once it becomes clear that the deal with his client is off, the situation escalates to confrontation, and Kyle is led to a violent revelation in this character study of a man going through a painful metamorphosis.

  • Starring Drew Nelson & Brent Carver
  • Directed by Michael Peterson
  • Produced by Charlie Hidalgo
  • Written by Kevin Cockle & Michael Peterson
  • Edited by Victor C. H. Fan
  • Cinematography byRob Walsh
  • Production design by Ciara Vernon
  • Score by Donovan Seidle
  • ·····


SIMONA (02:06)

When Simona’s carefully controlled and highly successful life is interrupted by a sudden undeniable attraction to a (until recently, straight) divorcee named Abby, she finds herself unable to stop from falling in love. But when the act of making love (something she has denied herself for many years) triggers the memories of past sexual trauma, Simona’s façade is quickly destroyed and she is left raw. Terrified of being vulnerable in front of Abby, Simona pushes her away, but Abby, now deeply in love and seeing Simona’s true self, refuses to go. Only when Simona finally sees the pain she is causing Abby by keeping her out, is she able the strength to open up about her pain and decide to heal. The two must find a way to navigate this difficult but loving journey together, as Simona learns to acknowledge her demons, and accept and embrace who she is.

  • Starring Eliane Gagnon & Kimberly Laferriere
  • Directed by Kathleen Hepburn & Charlie Hidalgo
  • Produced by Charlie Hidalgo
  • Written by Kathleen Hepburn
  • Edited by John Nicholls
  • Cinematography by Kevin C. Wong
  • Production design by Kathleen Hepburn
  • Score by Adeline 

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